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TECHSOFT s.r.o. (1993-2023)

Are you a CAD developer or a CAD producer?
We are the right CAD company to prepare your CAD System, CAD Add-on or CAD Utility for the Czech & Slovak CAD market!
You don't need a dealer nor distributor for the Czech and Slovakia Republics.
Do your own CAD business with our professional CAD Services in the CZ/SK regions!

Our regions:

  • Czech Republic
  • Slovak Republic

Our Services:

  • Localisation (EN->CZ, EN->SK)
    SW Interface, Website, Images, Videos, Help, Marketing materials...
  • CAD Support in the CZ/SK language for your CZ/SK customers
    phone & email support, online trainings...
  • Marketing support in the CZ/SK language for your prospective customers or CAD media
    CAD Articles, Reviews, Testing,...
  • Email marketing in the CZ/SK language
  • Complete representation of your CAD company for the CZ/SK regions (not as TECHSOFT but as your company)
  • ...other services on your request.

List of CADs that we have already prepared and introduced to the CZ/SK CAD Market.

  • Alibre Design (2005) + SK Localisation
  • ZWCAD (2006) + CZ Localisation
  • pdf2cad (2006) + CZ Localisation
  • KOMPAS 3D (2007) + CZ Localisation
  • bonzai3d (2010) + CZ Localization
  • ZW3D (2010) + CZ Localisation
  • AddCAD Architecture (2012) + CZ Localisation
  • DWDRAFT IntelliCAD (2015)
  • IRONCAD (2016) + CZ Localisation
  • ARES Commander (2017)
  • ArCADia BIM (2018) + CZ Localisation


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