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  • tbl2cadActual version: tbl2cad v 1.5
  • Producer: TECHSOFT s.r.o.
  • Basic description: the tbl2cad is Microsoft Excel (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016) add-in to export Excel tables to the DXF file format (as lines & text objects) as well as to import DXF tables containing the line & text objects to the Microsoft Excel table. The add-in is CAD independed and you can process your tables independent to your actual CAD system.
  • There is avaiable also free version. The free version of tbl2cad writes the text "Free version" instead of your text and it is designed especially to test the add-in with your Excel. Anyway - the free version can be also used to export the Excel table geometry (includuding the text sizes & position) to the DXF file.
  • Note: Full version is for 20,- € excl VAT only
  • Languages: EN, CZ, SK
  • Web user guide for tbl2cad: here
  • Buy online via share-it: Buy now

About tbl2cad add-in

EXCEL table EXPORT to DXF file

tbl2cad expors Excel table to the DXF file - as standard LINE and TEXT objects.

The current tbl2cad version exports the following table features:
- The cells' values (also multiple lines)
- The entire table geometry (including merged cells), in the desired scale
- Horizontal and vertical alignment of the text
- The Excel text colors to the AutoCAD colors
- Text size
- TTF fonts (imported to the DXF file as text styles)

The Excel table example:

export sample

which after the export to the DXF file looks as follows:

export sample2

DXF table IMPORT to the EXCEL

tbl2cad imports the table to the Excel from the DXF file which contains standard LINE and TEXT objects.

The current tbl2cad version imports the following features:
- The cells' values (also multiple lines)
- The AutoCAD text colors to the Excel colors

The DXF table example

import sample

which after the import to the EXCEL from the DXF file looks as follows:

import 03

Minimal System Requirements for tbl2cad:
  • Operating System:
    Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7
    Microsoft Excel version 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007

tbl2cad Licensing

Individual license

The licence is possible to install and to activate to one computer only.

License protection

By software way

ZWCAD Licensing SWThe license protection is solved by software way.

tbl2cad - Download

tbl2cad (multilanguage) HOT
1.5 File Size 6.41 MB Date 21-12-2015

MS Excel (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016) add-in to export/import tabules from/to the DXF file format (it works with the standard lines & texts)  - Multilanguage version (En, Sk, Cz).

A few facts about the Excel tbl2cad add-in

1. Easy installation (without affecting the system) ... installed directly by the user without administrator rights

2. Automatic Excel add-in registration during installation

3. The commands accessible directly from the Excel menu for add-ons + complete Help in your language

4. Simple activation (offline and online)

5. When you export, you can specify the exact table size

6. Simple and universal use even for large tables

7. The symbolic price 20,- € excl VAT

Orders & Price Offer

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Support & Service

tbl2cad Support

  • Support via our Support Form:
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tbl2cad Trainings

Our company has providing trainings for tbl2cad at any level, either directly in your office, or online via the Internet (with video recording ).
If you are interested in training for tbl2cad - please contact us using the contact form.
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